Friday, December 6, 2013

Faith vs Worldview

I think there is an important distinction which needs to be made nowadays between the difference of Christian faith and Christian worldview. Let me explain. These days, one can run into many people who will claim they "love Jesus" and attend church; however, if one were to probe deeper into this person's affection for Jesus, oftentimes one will discover the person's worldview to be completely at odds with Scripture. The individual will affirm and endorse homosexuality, same-sex "marriage", relativism, "all roads lead to God" notion, people are good and other ideas that do not coincide with a biblical framework of reality.

I do not doubt that there are genuine followers of Christ who happen to be completely ignorant of what it means to cultivate and develop a biblical worldview. The church and parents are mostly to blame for that. What one doe snot see very often is a follower of Christ who has trusted Jesus for his salvation after recognizing his own sinfulness and gradually crafting an outlook of reality that is explicitly biblical.

Cultivating a Christian worldview means behaving and thinking in such a way that aligns with what the Triune God of Scripture commands and teaches. If God says "...a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife and they shall become one flesh," then that excludes any relationship which wants to be deemed marriage as unacceptable. That is, any relationship falling outside the boundaries of a man and a woman is not marriage. Yet it is not uncommon to find self-identifying Christians which will not hold fast to this biblical teaching. They will jump on board with the world and promote the redefinition of marriage to include homosexual relationships.

It seems the root issue for some Christians is the authority and inspiration of Scripture. If one believes the Bible is full of errors, contradictions, etc. then one will not take seriously what it proclaims about the world. However, for the faithful follower of Christ who believes God has spoken to His creation through special revelation, they ought to be more intentional about developing a Christian worldview. For those doubting the authority of the Bible, I suggest they read books and articles by men of faith who have dealt with this issue a long time ago (e.g., James White, Greg Bahsnen, among many).

It is extremely vital for Christians not to be sucked into the deception and foolishness of the world. When one listens to the news of current events which are happening within our very nation, it is truly disheartening. Animals valued more than humans; babies being killed within a mother's womb; indoctrination within colleges and K-12 schools; the list goes on. As Christians, let us read the Bible and think deeply how what we read carries over into our society today. Granted this is not always easy but it is sure worth the effort.