Friday, November 22, 2013

Real Life Examples of Social Work Prejudice and Bias

While coming to the end of my first semester in my MSW program, I've encountered numerous examples of violations of the NASW Code of Ethics (the field's Bible for social work practice) by professors, workers in the field and current MSW students. Here are just some:

1. During a visit with a supervisor, political affiliation became alluded to. The supervisor said, "If you're a Republican, I'll kill you." She said this in a joking manner, displaying her dislike of Republicans.

2. Hardcore feminist professor deliberately misrepresents the views of those she disagrees with and expresses disbelief at how anyone would be a Republican.

3. Same feminist professor exclaims no one can use Fox News as a source for an assignment (because they are one of the very few non-leftist news organizations).

4. Professor writes "conservatives, military, police and capitalism" on white board and tells class to rank from 1-4 which are most responsible for racism, sexism and some other "ism" in society. The implication being all these ARE responsible but just rank which are MOST responsible.

5. Textbook says something to the effect that people sometimes hold to irrational beliefs. Then the textbook gives an example of a sick woman who declines medicinal help because she believes God is punishing her. The textbook declares this woman's belief irrational.

6. During a class discussion, topic of same-sex marriage came up. A young handicapped man from Africa expressed his cultural/religious belief that marriage is to only be between one man and one woman. Several of his classmates couldn't hold their tongue and told him not to bring his cultural beliefs into the discussion.

These are just some examples; I haven't listed them all. For a profession that is so adamant about "multiculturalism," "pluralism," "tolerance," and being nonjudgmental and non-biased, I cannot recall a time where I have seen so many prejudiced, biased and intolerant individuals in one room. The hypocrisy of these individuals is risible yet disheartening at the same time 

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